Sandie's Section

24 year old girl who loves anything Harry Potter, Hello Kitty, Harmony and DREW.Also a proud Harmony fanfic writer. 6 stories and counting so far. I'm in love with Daniel Radcliffe and anything from across the pond. This is a random blog but the main things you’ll see are:

• Harry Potter
• Harmony
• Daniel Radcliffe objectification (he’s so sexy)
• Emma Watson appreciation/envy
• Being Human US version
• Disney related anything
• Glee
• Blaine Anderson Appreciation/stanning
• Blee
• Blam (Blaine and Sam )
• Klaine
• Darren Criss appreciation
• Ocassional selfies from instagram
• Anglophile posts
• Retail rants
• Monster High
• My fanfiction links/graphics/shameless self promotion
• Girly/fashion pictures
• Tattoo images

where to find my Harmony fanfics:
fanfiction fanfic link

HPFF link